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Advent calendar

Aktualisiert: 25. Nov. 2019

I love Christmas. And I have been celebrating since the first of December. At this time I enjoy the best of home comfort. I listen to Christmas songs and try to watch a Christmas movie every week, sometimes I catch more Christmas movies. Although I usually look over and over again for sure, I don't mind. Do you have your favorite Christmas films? How do you celebrate Advent?

My advent time is also fulfilled by various diy projects. This year I created Advent Calendar. This calendar could also be categorized as “Recycled” but also “Zero waste” as it is all natural materials and I recycled shopping paper bags. This thought occurred to me when I threw one damaged bag and the paper basket was overfilled. It occurred to me that the bag is torn but can still be used. The floods I wanted to use for wrapping gifts, because inside is beautiful color and therefore do not have to buy wrapping paper ... but then I got a idea... calendar. ..

You do not need much and you have almost everything at your fingertips at home.

So for the Advent Calendar we need:

  • Paper Bags (2-3pcs)

  • scissors

  • Glue

  • pencil

  • stapler

  • punching maschine

  • Centrofix

  • Twine

  • Branches from the forest

First I cut the paper bag into squares. Cut squares serve as gift boxes. Choose the size accordingly. I merge the pages of the packages with stapler. You can also use glue, but it's longer and I wanted to do it now.

I cut the wheels out of the remaining pockets and wrote down the numbers of the day of the month. I inserted the numbers on the packages.

When I finished my packages, it was up to me to design the branches that I found on a walk with the dog. Then I tied the branches together with a string. Verify that the branches are the same distance from each other.

When I finished, the best part came. Fill the packege.

I have to admit that I have only 3 packages because I did not buy any sweets at home, but 1.12 will be every package is full. This year we decided in the family that we want to add nice news to the packages. I wonder what my husband will write there because I saw the 3 that describes "Good Morning" ... but that counts as well =]

After you have filled the packages, you can hang them on the construction and complete the advent calendar. I decorated it with Christmas lights and clothespin.

Advent can begin ...

Do you like my project? send me some of the creations you created. You can also watch my work video...

I apologize for my English, I am not the best in it =)

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