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How do you store your memories? Your photos? Moments captured in special moments? I was looking for many ways to keep memories. I don't put photos in photo albums or stick them. Even though I started with it, it passed me through the first 3 pages ... Somehow it doesn't have much charm for me. I like photos framed in large formats, or I like current trends and, for example, photos pinned only on twine as decoration. Most often, however, I compose photos in a photo book. You have already heard a lot about photo books, seen them and you will also determine some of them, or your acquaintances. It's a beautiful way to remember, remind you of a wedding, the birth of a child, or even the usual days spent on the playground, the garden or a book of holiday memories. This is exactly how I store photos.

This time, however, in cooperation with the company, I created a photo book as a portfolio of my work. I wanted to see what the photos would look like in the photo book. Saal Digital is one of the leading manufacturers of photo products in Europe, but it is little known in our country. Number one is CEWE. I also have experience with CEWE and I also printed a book from their offer. However, I must say that if I have to compare, the photo book from CEWE does not fit on the photo book from Saal Digital at all. This is a very significant difference, especially in that the saal digital software does not edit photos and prints them in the quality you send. The colors are clear and distinctive. The print is perfect. The photos in the photo book are like pictures. From the photographer's point of view, I'm excited about the press. Seeing clear details and a photo becomes a reality.

The quality of the paper is very satisfactory for me. I have to pause when the pages are glued. The binding is designed so that the open double-sided is in a plane, without a bend in the middle (flat binding - Layflat).

This is good for photos stretched across two sides. I have used this opportunity several times. The book glued this way will last even longer, it looks interesting and it will add a new dimension to your photos. As with other companies offering photo products and photo books, saal digital has software to create a photo book that needs to be downloaded. This program is simple and easy to use.

The user program guides you step by step in selecting a specific product and its parameters. If you've ever designed a photo book through another company's program, you won't have a problem with Saal Designer either. It handles well, is fast and the graphics are elegant. Personally, I work best with it compared to other companies. You can try it yourself without having to order a photo book.

Templates, graphic elements (clipart), backgrounds, frames, shadows, the possibility of adding text are ready for users. Anyone who wants can use automatic layout suggestions.

In addition, the Program will notify you of errors before completing your order. E.g. blank pages, low-resolution photos, or misplaced photos.

The photo book from Saal digital did not disappoint me, on the contrary, I was very pleasantly surprised by it and I was honestly pleased that the processing, graphics, and software are at such a high level. Photos are an accurate representation of how I upload photos to clients. There is no artificially added contrast, noise. Photo cuts are set correctly and I have to write only in superlatives about the quality of the print, even though I repeat myself.

Designing a photo book with Saal Designer is simple, intuitive and, most importantly, hassle-free. It offers exactly the features you need, whether you are a beginner or a more experienced user. Here it is true that less is sometimes more.

If you are looking for a really professional and high-quality design of a photo book, you have found what you were looking for. The price is comparable to the competition on the market and due to the quality of the final product it may be low. However, I take it as a positive and I look forward to being able to recommend it to you and to use such an affordable product for your needs.

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