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5 DiY Spring Projects

Aktualisiert: 15. Juli 2020

Spring is a symbol of something new, new beginnings, greenery, life. After winter, everything awakens and takes on a new look. I am very sensitive and the weather influences me very much. Spring is an influx of new energy, vigor and ideas. More sunny days are also reflected in my mood and the desire to create something new. The current situation here and in the World is very extraordinary and almost critical. Our duty and effort should be as accountable and guided as possible. We should spend as much time as possible at home and if we go outside it should be just a walk.

However, the whole situation can also be very positive. The whole world is fast, material and forgets simple moments and small things. Let us try to transform this time into a time that we will be happy to find joy in the little things ...

The sun gets warmer and floods us with its rays.

Every year during this period I like to move furniture, sort out my wardrobe, organize things… I have prepared some ideas for you to make your home more comfortable in spring and use common household things to create something new. Now that almost all of us have to sit at home we have time to do everything we normally do not have the time. Our mind is becoming more creative and resourceful. Come with me to make some creative ideas.


Want to smell your home like spring garten? Plant the flowers in the glass. For example, in the Cup for Closing.

All what You need find in nature on a walk. Flowers. Use clay from overflows.


I like letters very much on the wall. I liked "&" shaped decorations.

So far I have not found anything that suits me materially or visually. So I made my own. All you need is thicker cardboard and the design is yours. The shape you want to cut out and you can paint or stick newspaper clippings like me.

And this is look like in my Livingroom


I like this stylish accessory for a very long time. But only now I decided to make something similar. We just need an ordinary paper bag from the store.


How about making your own peeling for shape and body? It's quite simple. We only need coffee beans and olive or coconut oil, or shower gel.

Put the coffee in a bowl, add olive or coconut oil and pour hot water. Do not pour too much water, just enough to form a mash. All done.

Coffee peeling is done.

When used on the body I recommend to combine with your shower gel - it will spread better. If I use this peeling on the body properly massage it into the skin with circular movements. When applying to your face, apply more gentle and do not press the shape too much, omit the eye area.

The skin is tight and smooth after peeling.


Working with ceramics is my favorite. But for this project you need glue for napkin technology.

First i must painted the pot. I dont like red collor on the pot. I choose neutral white collor. I use clear glue and varnish in one product. Buy this glue for example in Migros. If you do not have glue, just refresh your pots, vases or containers with another collor. I turned my flower pot into a goblet for cutlery.

I hope I have inspired you to do something creative.

Sorry for my English. I'm not very good at Grammar =}


If you are looking for projects for your children, I recommend this:

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